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Unitron Hearing Aids

Moxi Fit R

Moxi Fit R


Meet the world’s smallest rechargeable hearing aid. Award-winning design meets ultimate convenience and the best conversations. It’s the perfect choice for active people looking for a discreet and easy-to-use hearing aid.


  • Charge overnight and enjoy 24+ hours* of uninterrupted listening
  • One rechargeable battery lasts a whole year, replacing up to 100 traditional batteries
  • Rechargeable battery cell is 100% recyclable
  • Revolutionary technology provides crystal clear conversations and natural sound quality
  • Simplest hearing aid

    Moxi Now

    The world’s smallest is here!

    You need to come see this to believe it. Moxi™ Now hearing aids are so small, they are practically invisible behind your ears. Nobody will notice you’re wearing them (even you). The small size packs a tremendous punch with features and intuitive functionality that keeps you connected to the world and hearing your absolute best.
    Unitron Stride


    Stride leads the way in patient-centric design

    The new Stride family of behind-the-ear (BTE) and in-the-ear (ITE) styles has choices to satisfy every patient need and technology that lets patients focus on conversations like never before. Get ready to help every patient find their Stride.

    Unitron Moxi North

    Moxi North

    Conversations matter. We’d like you to be hearing all of them.

    We know you live an active lifestyle which means a lot of conversations with a lot of different background noise. We believe you should be able to hear every word through it all. With the newest Moxi hearing aids from Unitron, you can. These hearing aids offer an award-winning design, ultra comfort and revolutionary technology that lets you hear each word of your conversations without struggling.

    Unitron Max


    Meet Max, the hearing instrument that offers max power and max protection. Max is the only Super Power on the market with Power Adaptation Manager to provide the first fit that clients expect, gently and automatically transitioning them to safer gain levels that will protect their hearing in the end. Powered by Era, Max offers features that are optimized for severe to profound hearing loss and focused on maximizing intelligibility without compromising awareness. Fight over amplification and provide the best possible long term hearing outcomes with Max.

    Max Understanding

    Max awareness

    You need to understand speech to communicate and feel connected. You need to be aware of the sounds around you to feel comfortable and safe. Max has features that let you do both.

    Hear more sounds

    Max shifts speech sounds away from the areas where your hearing is most damaged and into the range where you can hear them.

    Put the spotlight on speech

    Automatically experience better speech understanding without giving up awareness of everyday sounds.

    Listen without the whistle

    Max provides all the power you need without the annoying whistling.

    Be comfortably aware

    Max reduces sudden, loud sounds to a comfortable level, without interrupting awareness.

    Enjoy the phone again

    Automatically hear the caller's voice clearly in both ears without an accessory.

    Unitron Shine


    Shine is an affordable hearing instrument like no other, delivering the natural sound, comfortable listening and better speech clarity not typically seen at the essential level. That's because Shine is about more than providing great value. It's about providing a hearing instrument that is absolutely invaluable.

    Shine is the only hearing instrument in its class to offer a trio of high-performance features typically reserved for more advanced products. It is Unitron's TriVantage features because they have been proven, time and again, to increase listening comfort and hearing success.

    Speech enhancement LD

    Makes speech sound clearer Automatically makes soft speech easier to hear, without making loud sounds more intense.


    Increases listening comfort Instantly detects and controls sudden, uncomfortable sounds, such as a door slamming, while ensuring speech remains clear.

    Adaptive directional microphones*

    Improve speech understanding in noisy environments Identify and reduce noise originating from beside and behind you, so you can hear more of the speech in front. *Not available on all technology levels


    Unitron Smart Control

    Unitron Smart Control Remote

    Enjoy a finer level of control

    This full-featured remote control lets patients easily make a wide range of adjustments to their hearing instruments, including real-time control over listening comfort and clarity.

    Unitron uStream

    Unitron uStream

    Be discreet

    Patients experience stereo sound through easy, more discreet connectivity to wireless devices, like mobile phones, TVs and Bluetooth MP3 players.

    Unitron uDirect3

    Unitron uDirect3

    Enjoy streaming

    This sleek, hands-free accessory lets patients enjoy direct connections to communication and entertainment devices, like mobile phones, TVs, FM receivers and MP3 players, with stereo sound and long battery life.

    Unitron uControl

    Unitron uControl

    Make smart adjustments

    Patients can easily take control of programs and volume through the smartphone of smart device they are already carrying with them.

    • apple
    • googleplay
    Unitron uTV3

    Unitron uTV3

    Be entertained

    uTV3 delivers the sound from the TV directly to both hearing instruments, ensuring a more enjoyable experience for patients who like to be entertained by TV.